• Happily Ever After Starts Here

    I have been attending weddings for over 14 years now and each and every couple leave a little imprint in a section of my brain, I love leaving with a smile "tooting” our wonderful musical horns waving goodbye and telling their story to another bride to be.

    Amber and John’s was one that definitely made their mark, I’m not sharing it because it was the biggest, loudest and most extravagant, but on the contrary because the love this couple shared created an ambience money couldn’t buy making it the riches wedding one can only hope for their dream wedding.

    How you met? the proposal? What you envisaged when planning your wedding

    John and I met in school, we were about 13 and we instantly clicked. We were best friends for abut two years before he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. I played hard to get and almost every day for a year he asked me to be his girlfriend. I eventually gave in and we have since been madly in love.

    John proposed to me when we were only 17 years old, we both knew we wanted to be bestfriends for the rest of our lives. It was a perfect and private proposal.

    What we i envisaged when planning our wedding was purely natural. We only wanted a small, intimate wedding, with lots of flowers and our closet of friends and family.

    From the first time Amber called up to talk about the cars I just knew this was a bride on a mission, she had a vision and she had psyched me up enough that I found myself volunteering to make it special and deliver.

    Amber had chosen her location perfectly, so familiar to all her guests and family and so close to home she was able to have our (Ace American Convertibles) classic 1959 Cadillac Super stretch limousine to transport the bride to be, her father and the girls and 2 of our matching 1959 Cadillac convertibles for the boys to cruise down in the minimal hours of service without the price tag.

    Thoughts behind your Location choice for the wedding.

    We really wanted to choose a location that had a lot of natural beauty. I had viewed a few different location but upon coming across Castlereagh Hall I immediately knew this had to be the place.

    The open road drive was spectacular no lights, no traffic, no stress, just some cool cars, awesome music and great company. When I pulled into the driveway and parked the cars immediately I saw what Amber had known about the place all along. It was special everywhere you looked. A sign read "Happily ever after starts here”

    The Guests rolled in and everyone waited patiently then finally from distance we saw the 1959 Cadillac Super stretch coming down the windy road with the traffic following like a motorcade.

    The limo was able to hide behind the hedges creating suspense. All the girls were lined up while I whisked Amber and her dad into the Cadillac convertible with the top down awaiting the grand entry.

    While the girls strolled down the carpet. Amber and her dad literally "arrived in style” to the end of the red carpet where the door to her chariot opened and Amber gracefully stepped out took her fathers hand and was given away to her best friend and soul mate.


    My Job was done, I had delivered yet another gorgeous bride to the beginning of the red carpet, flared out her dress and slowly let go whispering "good luck”. It was all up to them and the photographer now.

    Some answers behind the thoughts and questions spectators had at the first glance of this gorgeous bride.. "Look at that dress, those dresses, that colour, those vibrant flowers Where did she get that from”

    Dress supplier what you liked about it why it was "the one”

    My dress supplier was Maggie Sottero, i knew it was the one because I actually picked another one and was a day from purchasing it when i came across the design, I couldn’t get the design off my mind and fell madly in love with it.


    The bridesmaids dresses were purchased from Weddington Way They were each made differently to suit each bridesmaid and they all looked amazing.

    Flowers supplier-

    Our Florist was Pollen Palace in St Marys. Sean was an amazing help in deciding the perfect flowers for our day. He was honest and creative and the result was amazing.


    Photographer Name- why you picked him.

    My photographers name is Joshua Guff, I was actually having a lot of trouble finding the perfect photographer without the gigantic price tag. Joshua was referred to me from a close friend and after alot of research we both decided he had the perfect style for our wedding. Throughout the entire day he made us feel comfortable and natural. He really went above and beyond to make sure we got the most out of his services.

    I stood back and listened to the amazing love story of how this sweat couple came to be, the celebrant did a great job capturing everyone’s attention drawing us to the climatic "I do’s” and the deed was done. As they linked hands, raised them cheering in the air and returned up the red carpet, as the "Newlyweds” Happily ever after starts here!!

    When Amber came to our showroom and looked around, our "Just Hitched” number plates caught her eye, I instantly said "Do you want them? I will just make a note and pack them for you” I think it’s these little gestures that separate our service from any other, it is my job to deliver that dream wedding to each couple and not make them feel like "just another wedding”. I was so excited to get them out and took some great fun photos, something else I love doing is taking some complimentary images for my couples and making a little facebook album ready for them when they come out of their reception still on their cloud. I love seeing all the comments from friends and family that sometimes could not be there in person, while they are not professional they definitely capture a different perspective.

    And of course " Why the cars?”

    We picked Ace American Convertibles not only for there AMAZING cars but there service is also unforgettable.

    It was also great to see half of my guests dribbling over these classic cars. Defiantly head turners.

    and your feelings when it was all over- "Was it everything you dreamed of”

    Perfect is an under statement. My wedding was the best day of my entire life.