• Amanda and Joseph’s Beginning to Live Happily Ever After

    The heavens generously poured out blessings to consecrate this amazing beginning. On the greatest day of their lives, Amanda and Joseph could not have asked for more. A beautiful spell of rain seemed intentionally planned to wipe away the staleness and summon that perfect ambiance all around. And soon, a bright-looking sky began to peep sliding away the curtains of clouds. Another match made in the paradise was about to embark on the eternal journey and there were happiness, excitement and emotions present as witnesses to the dramatically unfolding events. 

    Amanda and Joseph’s Golden Touch ProductionsThe wedding planning team deserves kudos for bringing out the best of classic wedding theme and fusing it seamlessly with stylish decors and some very well-thought surprises! A little birdie informed that the romantic-at-heart couple anticipated a fairy-tale wedding and indulged in months-long preparations to make it look splendid. Photographers from Golden Touch Productions must have had great time capturing every single frame. No wonder each click deserves to find place in their wedding album. 

    Suzanna Blazevic CoutureThe bride’s wedding gown by Suzanna Blazevic Couture hogged the limelight and for all great reasons. Shining amidst other prettily-dressed women, Amanda flaunted her special attire redefining grace and exquisiteness. And boy did she carry herself effortlessly.  

    Well, that’s expected from one driving the classic beauty, the 1959 Cadillac Convertible. Ah! A white Cadillac from Ace American Convertibles with all glittering interiors stole the show. As if it was not enough, the 1959 Cadillac Super Stretch Limousine took it to a new level altogether. One of its kind in the entire Sydney, it became the talk of the event as the comfortable 10-seater transferred the bridal party keeping in sync with the bride’s car leading the way. 

    Having to juggle between various venues is undesired for celebrations as unique as a wedding. For this particular wedding, it was a careful decision to maintain proximity between venues. Must have been a relief for Amanda who was specifically concerned about the gorgeous makeup done by Melissa Sassine! No wonder she stepped out like a showstopper would and walked the red carpet at St Charbels in Punchbowl Sydney like an angel descending from the fairy town. 

    Flowers in white adorned the walkway, extending warm greetings to the bride-to-be. Elkheir Florist Event Stylist did it once again, maintaining their inimitable sense of stupendously arranging the wedding flowers. Among the best-kept secrets of the event were the adorable white doves from Doves R Us that appeared as truly the God-sent messengers of peace. 

    Soon, there were champagne corks popping out and appetizers making rounds. A great wedding album was definitely in the making! And when the sun decided to bid adieu to the celebrations, the wedding party made their way to The Imperial Paradiso. It was just the start for the overjoyed hosts and their hundreds of well-wishers, friends and guests. For the spectators, it was indeed a stunning spectacle to remember. 

    Thanks to all the professionals who contributed out of their talents and experiences some absolutely commendable pieces of work. And for Amanda and Joseph, we believe the occasion assembled a bouquet of finest memories they would cherish together forever. Heartiest congratulations to them!