• A Guide for DIY Wedding Planning

    Planning your very own wedding is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, you can DIY most parts of your special day easily with the help of your family and friends. For a classic wedding in Sydney, you need not spend your entire fortune by getting the service of professional organisers and hiring expensive suppliers. You can even get unique wedding cars for hire that are fairly priced! Here are some parts of your preparation that you can do without services for hire.

    Buy a Ready-Made Wedding Gown

    The gown you will be wearing on your special day need not be the bulk of your expenses. All you need is a classic design that can make you feel comfortable all day long. It is free to try on gowns in various bridal shops, and you can do just that until you find the perfect one. You can hire a seamstress and get adjustments on the gown for cheap if it doesn’t come exactly in your size.

    Set Your Party on a Weekday Rather than a Weekend

    Many choose to get married on a Saturday or a Sunday because most of their friends and loved one do not have work or school on these days. However, it is good to note that in Sydney, you can save a few hundred dollars if you reserve a venue or hire a caterer on a weekday when there are less events being held. This way, you need not invite all the people who you can do without on your wedding day. Those who really matter to you would readily miss work or school for your special day. For all those savings you’ll get, you don’t just get a car; you can even get a couple of unique wedding cars for hire!

    DIY Souvenirs and Customisation

    If you plan on giving away souvenirs for your wedding, you can actually do these on your own without the need to hire service from someone else. You just need to purchase the basic things such as cards; ribbons and the items you plan to give away then you can work on the packaging with the help of friends. Instead of having several tiers in your cake, you can settle with a simpler one and just DIY designs such as your personalised topper.

    Hire Unique Wedding Cars on a Budget

    One of the most important parts of your wedding is the bridal car. This is also the same car you and your soon to be husband will ride after the celebration. Ace American Convertibles has long been providing the dream bridal car such as Cadillac convertibles and Limousines for so many Sydney weddings and have always made sure that the bride and the groom are extremely comfortable and worry-free on their very special day. Hire a car from Ace American Convertibles and be rest assured that your DIY wedding will just be perfect and very memorable with their unique wedding cars and excellent service.