• Reasons Why You Should Love Cadillac Wedding Cars

    Have you ever dreamed of riding to your wedding in a classic convertible? Imagine making wedding memories like no other with a dashing convertible by your side. Be it a photo prop or renting it for their entire wedding ceremony, a Cadillac is like a cherry on top of the most special day of your life. When it comes to Cadillac wedding cars in Sydney that will truly make your special day stand out, there is only one place to get them and that is with us at Ace American Convertibles.

    Here’s what riding in a Cadillac wedding car is like:

    All Dressed up and ready to walk down the aisle, there is one accessory that you will need to really complete this special day and that is the ride waiting for you and being chauffeured by a classic convertible to your venue. At Ace American Convertibles, we have a fleet of 1959 Cadillac convertibles and a stretch limo waiting to bring couples to their beautiful Sydney wedding venue.

    Well-maintained – We take pride in the fact that our fleet of cars is regularly maintained including our stretch limo because your safety is most important for us.

    Classic – If you want to give your wedding that vintage touch, ride to your destination in a beautiful classic convertible from us.

    Spacious – The car you hire from us is guaranteed to have spacious interiors where you and your spouse can sit comfortably. Even if you want to bring your entourage with you, our cars can accommodate you all.

    Stunning – We will even dress up our Cadillac to match your wedding theme!

    Affordable – At Ace American Convertibles, our rates are the most affordable in Sydney and with the good condition of our cars, you know you’re getting the best deal there is.

    What a Wedding Car from Ace American Convertibles means

    What makes us different from other car rentals out there? We are the only one who has a fleet of white 1959 classic convertibles that are just too gorgeous not to be used for special events like couples tying the knot. For couples who are getting married and would like to make their union extra special, why not hire Ace American Convertibles for your choice of classic ride to match your personality?

    So, make people’s heads turn as you drive by, there is simply no reason why you shouldn't be a star at you wed with our classic convertibles.

    Get your hands on Cadillac wedding cars from one of the best car rental in Sydney at Ace American Convertibles today and add the "wow” factor to your wedding!